Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I might just get up and dance, or buy some acid washed pants

All right. So I'm completely lame. So lame, in fact, that my lameness astounds me. No more promises from me that I will update often because we can all see how well that works out for me. Let's just say, from now one, I'm going to try. Hey, at least I have an excuse, right? Law school takes up a lot of time!

Anyway, it's the Fourth of July, one holiday that I've never gotten too excited about. And at this point, I'm just ready for the neighbor kids to stop lighting firecrackers. I mean really, what is the point of setting them off at two in the afternoon? If someone could please enlighted me on this subject, I would appreciate it.

Gabe's working today, which means time and half, and in one word, that is: excellent. Harri and I are just hanging out studying (yes, even on holidays), cleaning the house, and playing a little Guitar Hero (ok, so some fun is had on holidays). Tomorrow night we're going to see Tool in GR. Gabe loves them, but what it really means for me is that we get to go to Marado for dinner...yum! Seriously thought, can you picture me at a Tool concert??? I've seen A Perfect Circle, and they were amazing, but Tool is a whole different story. Who knows though, maybe Maynard will surprise me.

Friday night is BBQ time: good friends, food, beer, and fun. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have some firecrackers. For the kids, of course. Josh and Crystal are bringing Lolli Pup so Harrington is going to have a playdate! We're super excited about that! The rest of the holiday weekend will consist of more BBQing with Gabe's fire academy friends and studying.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I will leave you with a pic of Ben Folds whom I saw in concert last month, and as always, he was AMAZING!!!