Saturday, March 3, 2007

So, it's March 3rd....

I know I said a hundred times that I would post more often...and I have failed. But this time, I'm really going to

School is going well. We had midterms a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully they're over. The thing with midterms is you study really hard to do well, and at the same time you still have all of your regular course work to do and all of your normal studying. And you work really hard to get a decent grade on a midterm that is only worth 20 points (10% of the final grade). The school mainly has midterms (in three classes only) so that we can have some feedback as to how we are progressing. Therefore, if you do well, you really don't have to worry about the score making or breaking your final grade. However, if you don't do so well, you have to make up those points in the final. Thankfully, I did alright.

Other than school, not a whole lot has been going on. Gabe is full speed ahead with the fire academy, and really loves it. Next week is the Westwood Firefighter's dinner, so I get to meet his classmates, chief, and other guys from the station.

Last night was Josh's birthday, so Gabe came up to Grand Rapids to celebrate and meet my friends. Crystal, Josh's wife, set up a surprise party for Josh and some of us were able to make it out (the weather was HORRENDOUS!!!!). Crystal even got party!

Gabe and I are going to Chicago in April, and I finally was able to get a hotel for us. What you must understand is that I book every hotel through Priceline. I REFUSE to pay full price. And of course, I wasn't going to go any less than 4 stars. So, for the past month, I have been trying every other day to get a four star hotel in Chicago. Both Gabe and my mom were telling me that I should give up and lower my standards to a 3 star, but I refused. And finally, on Thursday, I pulled it off. Gabe and I will be staying at the Hilton on Michigan Ave! And, as you see in the picture, we'll be there during the tulip festival!

Well, I should get back to the studying. I must say, after the horrid lake effect snow and wind storm that we got all day and all night yesterday, I find it rather nice to sit here and hear the birds chirping outside my window. It gives me hope, that yes, today is March 3 and it's still in the 20s outside, but it proves that spring is just around the corner. Anyways, it's back to the books. Even Harrington loves studying!

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