Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is officially here!

The lone crocus at the back fence.

So we finally had another warm day today. So, to take advantage of it, I decided to take the Harrington (and Gabe) out back for a little Frisbee. As we were out, I noticed that my yard is in great need of some post-winter clean up! Unfortunately for my yard, I am in law school, and free time to spend cleaning up the yard and gardening does not come as often as I would like it! In any event, it's nice to see that signs of new life are "springing" up through the dead leaves. I can't wait for our break from school so I can get some planting done!

In other news, I'm going to Denver! Becky will be staying in Denver for the summer (she's at the University of Denver working on her masters) and informed me this week that Ben Folds and John Mayer will be playing together at the Red Rocks on June 16. That works out perfect since it's a Saturday night. So, I booked myself a ticket to the "Mile High City" for Friday after class to hang out for the weekend with Becky, Ben, and John in Denver!

With only three short weeks until finals, things are really busy with school. It's going well, but it's a lot of studying, and now is crunch time! Speaking of which, it's time to get back to the books... :)

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